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Pod Orlem Grocery Shop has joined the scheme.

WANTED – Volunteer to join PIF team so we can apply to become a CIO (community Interest Organisation)


  • Would you like to show a person in need that people do care about them and that they matter? 
  • Would you like to let them buy their own toiletries/groceries/snacks/food/non-alcoholic drink, and other essential items without giving them money?   


Now you can with a Pay It Forward gift voucher.

A Pay it Forward voucher helps to empower individuals by giving them the opportunity to choose what they would like to buy rather than just having to accept what they are given. 


  • The voucher can only be redeemed in the shop it was brought from
  • There is a tracking system to ensure all vouchers are tracked from purchase through to redemption.
  • Currently only available in Cambridge, but for just £35 (funds the purchase of 4 books) (1 book of 20 vouchers per business))
  • In Cambridge the printing of the vouchers is funded by City Council
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-transferable.
  • Cannot be forged due to hieroglyphics
  • If brought online the voucher will be given to a supporting organisation; if brought over the counter, you can leave it there to be passed on on your behalf or pass it on yourself.
  • Vouchers are individually coded so is tracked using the tracking system (link given to businesses and organisations upon joining the scheme




Login page
1) Once you have registered and verified your email address by clicking on the link within the email we sent you you can then login.

2) Please create one login per employee.

3) Please ensure every purchase and redemption is recorded for this tracking system to work.


Please visit our where to buy the vouchers page for information on where you can purchase them, or if you want to find out how the scheme works click here or to find out about the history of the scheme click here.



email pifcambridge@gmail.com for more information

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