Welcome to Pay it Forward Gift Vouchers

Would you like to let a person in need buy groceries/food/non-alcoholic drink without giving them money?  Now you can with a Pay It Forward gift voucher.


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  • Vouchers can either be brought over the counter from participating businesses or online sales via www.pifgiftvouchers.org/shop.
  • Currently only available in Cambridge, but for just £35 to fund the purchase of 4 books (1 book of 20 vouchers per business) then we can expand to other villages, towns and cities.
  • In Cambridge the vouchers are given free to the business as printing is funded by Cambridge City Council
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash or alcohol and are non-transferable.
  • Vouchers will be given to people in need (i.e. homeless, vulnerably housed, struggling financially), viasupp or from a kind hearted person

Please visit our where to buy the vouchers page for information on where you can purchase them, or if you want to find out how the scheme works click here and to find out about the history of the scheme click here.