There are 2 ways of buying them:

1.  Over-the-counter.   Click HERE to find out which businesses are participating and all about them.  You can buy them over the counter and leave the voucher with them or pass it on yourself.


​2)   Online:

a)  Buying from the online shop – I will arrange for the voucher to be passed onto either Jimmys, Wintercomfort or The Cyrenians.

Please note;  it will NOT be posted to you.

b) Form  – if you’re not happy about paying online then please fill in the form below and I can request the money via Paypal.

There are 3 ways to pay if buying online:

a)   either via the online shop,

b)  via Paypal using this form

c)  Making a bank transfer to:  PAY IT FORWARD CAMBRIDGE

Account Number:   36182717

Sort code:  23-05-80

The account is with Metro Bank


The following 5 businesses are selling their vouchers via my online shop:

​a.  Black Cat Cafe on Mill Road (black-cat-cafe)

b.  Al-Amin’s grocery Store on Mill Road (click here for more details)

b.  The Catch Chip-shop on Burleigh Street (click here for more details)

c.  Bubble Tap cafe (specialising in egg waffles) near Lion Yard/St Andrews Street (click here for more details)

d.  Livingstone Cafe on St Andrews Street (click here for more details)