How can I help?

Do you have marketing skills?

I am looking for a volunteer who has marketing skills and can advise me on how to word posts for putting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked as well where I should apply my energy

Corporate Social Responsibility – Companies giving back to the community

You work for a company who likes or would like to raise money to donate to a local organisation.  Please consider Pay it Forward gift vouchers as an option.  The money raised would be given to the organisation of your choice out of Jimmys, Wintercomfort, Cambridge housing Society of if you have another suggestion I’m happy to talk to them.

Do you attend a place of worship?

Do you belong to a church, Mosque, Synagogue, etc

Would like to help the people in need in your community but not show how to?

I am looking for volunteers to approach shops/cafes directly and offer them a book of vouchers (the books are free to them).
. You may have members who have contacts who would be interested in finding out more about this scheme.

I have a Google mailing list for people who would like to help grow the scheme. You can join this by emailing me at or!forum/loremipsum/join
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