The Pay it Forward Voucher Scheme

supporting people in need to buy food, toiletries, clothing, etc from the high street

What does a town need to do….

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To join the Pay it Forward gift voucher scheme the town needs to have:

  1. A way of funding the vouchers.  Each book of 20 costs £13 which includes a hologram and wording, both on the back  and my logo on the front.  You can add a logo of your choice if you wish
  2.  At least a couple of businesses to start with who sell food/groceries/non-alcoholic drink to sell and accept the vouchers.
  3.  A couple of supporting organisations who would take the vouchers to pass on to those in need.

Please email me at for more information on how your town can join the scheme.


So far we have  and



Want to help others. Please spread the word :)

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