Where to get vouchers during the pandemic

Due to the Corona Virus only Al-Amin Grocery shop (£5) on Mill Road and Bubble Tap Baron (£3 or £5) by Lion Yard are open.

If you can’t get to either shop you can buy one from this website’s online shop.

Mill Road


Al Amin Grocery shop
Al Amin Grocery Shop

Al-Amin Store

Mill Road (near Bridge, town side), 100A-102A Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 2BD

01223 56600


An ethical and community focused local halal grocery store that has the affairs of firstly Cambridge and then the rest of world at the heart of its business.Hours:


City centre – Historic side

Bubble Tap (waffles) – £3 and £5

(In walkway through from St Andrew’s St, to Lion Yard)

22 Lion Yard, (by St Andrew the Great church), Cambridge, CB2 3ET

01223 321 339

For all enquiries: btap.baron@gmail.com

The waffles are made on an egg waffle maker, the magic batter is poured in when the machine is heated and flipped over. The waffle is good to go in under two minutes.By using our premium-quality premium Belgian batter mix, every single order is freshly cooked and served warm with gelato, fruits, nuts, and a range of sauces. The idea is to start with a plain waffle base, pick a gelato of choice and top it off with a selection of our toppings. You can even have it completely plain if you wish! There are no limits. We’re here to make your perfect dessert.

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