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Please note:  the contract is between the business and the customer buying the voucher or the person in need redeeming the voucher

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I am indebted to the following students from the various colleges through Cambridge University:

Cambridge Homeless Outreach Project [CHOP]


Cambridge Homeless Outreach Programme (CHOP) works to provide students with opportunities to fundraise and support the homeless community in the city.

CHOP works to link Cambridge students with fundraising and volunteer opportunities to serve the homeless community in the city. 

Their volunteers have helped me get to this point and continue to support me

                    Students helping from Cambridge University


Lara Erritt (Co-ordinator of What'sApp group) - Corpus Christi 


Ben Lim                                                            - Downing 

Adeline Brode-Roger [CHOP president]         - Emmanuel 

Aaron                         - Girton

Sylvie Hodes              - Jesus 

Eliza Griffiths              - Pembroke

Mohammed Khan      - St Catharine's (designed the posters)


This project is still evolving and slowly growing.  Ideas I have to make this grow include:

  • have a voucher that can be used in any of the participating business (not bespoke as it is currently) - might need to change the way the voucher is sold to do this. I already have 1 business who has offered to be a point of sales for the Cambridge Market area.

  • take the vouchers to local businesses to sell to employees - I will pass the sold vouchers onto an organisation who supports people in need. 


​My dream would be to get the vouchers to other towns and cities, but first I need to get it going in Cambridge.  

Moving Forward

How can you help?

So you love the sound of this project and would love to help. 

Thank you.

  Jobs are always changing so please email me at pifcambridge@gmail.com with your name and a contact (preferably a mobile number as I use What'sApp as a rule, but not essential)

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