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Please note:  the contract is between the business and the customer buying the voucher or the person in need redeeming the voucher

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Cambridge Churches

Homeless Project

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I am indebted to students from the various colleges at Cambridge University of which some belong to :

Cambridge Homeless Outreach Project [CHOP]

Cambridge Homeless Outreach Programme (CHOP) works to provide students with opportunities to fundraise and support the homeless community in the city.

CHOP works to link Cambridge students with fundraising and volunteer opportunities to serve the homeless community in the city. 

Their volunteers have helped me get to this point and continue to support me

Impact through Innovation

Impact Through Innovation Cambridge is a student society that supports the creation and existence of innovative projects to tackle global challenges.


Some of their members are designing an app for the project which will be used by the participating business to track each voucher

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How can you help?

So you love the sound of this project and would love to help.  I do have a What'sApp group which I use to ask for feedback, get opinions and keep my team updated.  Please click on the Whatsapp logo to email me with your mobile number to be added to the group.


Thank you.

Jobs are always changing so please email me for more information


I am currently getting a system designed with a database to allow the business and all supporting organisations to track their vouchers from purchase to redemption.  If you have a knowledge of desgning a database and would like to volunteer then please email me

This project is still evolving and I am open to ideas.  Ideas I have to make this grow:

  • Need more shops and cafes in Cambridge city as well as surrounding areas to take the free vouchers

  • Consider the possibility of having a voucher that can be used in any of the participating business (not bespoke as it is currently, like the 'Love to shop' voucher) - might need to change the way the voucher is sold to do this. 

​My dream would be to get the vouchers to other towns and cities, but first I need to get it going in Cambridge.  

Moving Forward