Do you work or volunteer with an organisation who cares for the homeless/vulnerably housed/low income families?

Then these vouchers will help them

  • It allows a person in need to buy something (usually food and/or non-alcoholic drink) without having to worry about having no money.
  • Each voucher is trackable as they are individually coded, and you will be asked to register your organisation and create a log in for each member of staff.
  • On receipt of a voucher, you MUSH log in to the tracking system and log the code (bottom left of voucher)
  • Once passed on to a person in need please log in to the tracking system and record who you passed it on to and the date you passed it on.
  • Please only give a voucher to a recipient who will show respect and be polite to the staff in the participating business.
  • The voucher cannot be exchanged for money or alcohol.


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