• It allows a person in need to buy something (usually food and/or non-alcoholic drink) without having to worry about having no money.
  • Each voucher is trackable as they are individually coded, and you will be asked to register your organisation and create a log in for each member of staff.
  • On receipt of a voucher, please log in to the tracking system and log the code (bottom left of voucher)
  • Once passed on to a person in need please log in to the tracking system and record who you passed it on to and the date you passed it on.
  • Please only give a voucher to a recipient who will show respect and be polite to the staff in the participating business.
  • The voucher cannot be exchanged for money or alcohol.
  • There is a hieroglyphic strip on the back to prevent forgery.

TRACKING SYSTEM – link sent on joining the scheme

Login page
1) Once you have registered and verified your email address by clicking on the link within the email we sent you you can then login.

2) Please create one login per employee.

3) Please ensure every purchase and redemption is recorded for this tracking system to work.


Coming soon… Brighton

Your town’s supported organisation could be here..

email for more information

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