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What is a Pay it Forward Gift Voucher?

  • It is a voucher, jointly designed between Theresa (the founder of the idea and designer of this website) and the owner of the Black Cat Cafe on Mill Road, Cambridge.  It allows a person in need to buy something (usually food and/or non-alcoholic drink) from your business without having money.
  • The voucher cannot be exchanged for money.or alcohol.
  • Sell them from your shop 
  • Sell them online via this website (would require you to give me your bank details so I can make bank transfers)
  • They come in books of 20 (unless you request otherwise) and stapled together unless requested otherwise
  • They are trackable and you will be given log on details to track them (designed to be quick, easy and user friendly)

I own a grocers shop and would like to join

​No problem.  I am looking for any shops that offer any or all of the following:

  • food
  • non alcoholic drinks
  • toiletries
  • groceries (bread, tinned food)

Please either use the contact form below or email me on or via message me via social media (Facebook


How much does it cost to have the vouchers and to join the project?

​Nothing at all.   The team behind Street Aid (part of Cambridge City Council) are kindly paying for the printing of the vouchers.  The business keeps the money from the sale of the vouchers.  It’s a win win.   

One thing I would ask is if a voucher is not spent in its entirety then please consider putting the change in a tin to give to back to a supporting organisation.  After all, the customer paid for 100% of the voucher to help that person in need.


Will I get support after receiving the vouchers?

  1.  Yes, I will post about our partnership on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  2. You will be given access to a web system which tracks the vouchers and I will ask you to record the sales and redemption of each voucher- only you and I will have access to your login.  
  3. a double sided laminated decal to place in your window to promote your selling of the vouchers

4. Ongoing support by either Facebook messenger, Twitter DM, email or text (option will be your choice)

 How it works

The voucher comes in 3 parts:

how it works
  1. Your receipt (blue arrow)
  2. The customer’s receipt (red arrow – if required)
  3. The person in needs voucher (yellow arrow)

Take it or leave it!

1.   Customer buys a voucher and you record the sale. 

2.   They choose to take it away with them and pass it on.

How are vouchers redeemed?

3.   The person in needs comes in, shows you the voucher in exchange for food/drink to the value of the voucher. – you put a line through the front of the voucher to void it and record the redemption then return the voucher to them as there is support information for them on the back.


Selling them via this website:

  1. I would keep a book of 10 vouchers.
  2. When a sale is made I will update the database to reflect this and pass it on to a supporting organisation on your behalf.
  3. Once the voucher has been redeemed, shown by an alert from yourselves when you enter the redemption, I will transfer the money from the bank directly to your bank. Therefore I will need your bank details please. 


When a voucher is brought in:

  • they will show you the voucher
  • you put a line through it to void it (so they can’t reuse)
  • then return to them as it has important information on the back.

Please either fill in the form below or you can order the vouchers by emailing me at

Which businesses are already taking part?

Click here to find out 

I’m interested, how do I order a book of vouchers?